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Guru Yog Peeth is pleased to offer Yoga Teacher Training Course that is a fusion of traditional teaching with a modern training. Started with our foundation in Rishikesh, India; we are now well-prepared & blessed by yoga practitioners of beautiful souls and professional knowledge who have been helping Guru Yog Peeth to expand rapidly. At Guru Yog Peeth, one can join the most comprehensive and well-regarded yoga courses with graduates teaching all around the globe. Through our diversified courses, we want a student to experience & explore yoga, meditation, harmony, peace and much more under one roof. We provide a platform for them that lead them to the spiritual path and deepening their knowledge & experience of yoga. Yoga is a way of life; it is an essential part of the life of an individual. Moreover, our 200 & 300 hours' program is approved by Yoga Alliance that awakens your inner teacher & further initiates you onto the path of yoga. We make sure that after the completion of the course, each student is replete with sufficient yogic knowledge and skills.

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Yoga Courses

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    Internationally Certified by Yoga Alliance, 200 Hours Yoga TTC is offered by "Guru Yog Peeth". The certificates given are validated & recognized globally. We didn't force dogmatic beliefs on students through the course, instead, we strive to assist students in becoming a yoga teacher.

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    Guru Yog Peeth invites you to start a journey of a healthy & holistic lifestyle by uniting or harmonizing the body, mind & spirit. Internationally certified 300 Hours Yoga TTC of our school empowers you with advanced yoga knowledge, skills & techniques with utmost proficiency and efficiency.

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    You often search for a way to renew your energy and optimism, Guru Yog Peeth offers an opportunity to have countless physical, emotional & spiritual benefits. Yoga & Meditation Retreats at our centre is absolutely blissful that allow you to open your heart & quiet your mind.

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    Using the ancient science of Ayurveda, "Guru Yog Peeth" offers 22 days Ayurveda Course in India; Birth Place of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is an alternative to medicines, explored 1000s of years ago. This 22 days training of Ayurveda will set up a blissful connection between your body, mind & soul.


Beyond the Courses

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    Keeping in mind the necessity & suitability of students, we prepare a well-rounded schedule that clearly follows the life of an Indian Yogi. Our yoga schedule gives an idea of what to expect from a yoga class at "Guru Yog Peeth".

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    Understanding the importance of food & accommodation in yogic life, we offer a comfortable & clean stay in a peaceful setting and astonishingly beautiful location. Also, we provide pure, healthy and hygienic cuisine to our students.

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    Have a look at some of the best clicks of yoga asanas (postures) and other yoga-related content in a breathtakingly beautiful & serene environment that simply show you the glimpse of our yoga school, "Guru Yog Peeth". Enjoy!

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    Yoga at "Guru Yog Peeth" not only includes theoretical or practical classes but also it included fun-loving outdoor activities. The purpose of outdoor activities is to connect an individual truly with nature, humanity & the universe.


Yoga in Rishikesh, India


Yoga is not a modern practice; indeed, it has been a part of Indian education and culture for long. But, people realized its values & importance now. Possibly, this is the reason that you can now find numerous yoga schools all around the world. Yoga in Rishikesh is simply an "Icing on the Cake". Rishikesh is a city popularly known as, "World's Yoga Capital"; might be because of the positive environment and serenity of the city. Yoga & Meditation, when combined with the sacredness of Rishikesh, then it opens the entire path to healing and peace. Yoga simply provides an instant gratification and lasting transformation. Yoga can not only change your physical capacity but also gives a quick result in increasing mental capacity. Our school, "Guru Yog Peeth" offers an amazing opportunity to experience the true world of yoga in the city of Rishikesh. We just wish to take our students from a level of a dedicated yogi to a professional yoga teacher by providing the high-quality training. Besides this, we also focus on the holistic wellness of students. Yoga indoor & outdoor classes, yoga workshops, yoga retreats, yoga lectures and so on are included in our training that is carefully designed for all level of yoga practicioner or yogis.

Yoga in the Indian Himalayas


Yoga is a way to bring peace & harmony within you, removing all the conflicts, division and negativity. It is very significant practice as it provides us improved well-being for the body as well as for mind and sometimes goes beyond as well. Yoga has been always defined as a bucket of knowledge but more than this, yoga is a powerful way to connect with your nature, with your true-self. Yoga means Union, Union of body, mind & soul. Also, it is the union between an individual and universal consciousness. This connection or union is more powerful when we practiced yoga in an awe-inspiring gorgeous location. The beauty, serenity and majesty of the Indian Himalayas make the place ideal for the practice of yoga as the Himalayas is considered as the place where yoga was originally originated and practiced in recent times. Yoga in the Himalayas gives you the memorable splendid experiences and also, one can feel the authentic approach to yogic practice and its philosophy. Our school, "Guru Yog Peeth" is located in an aesthetically pleasing location and so attracts yoga aspirants from all around the globe. With an abundance of natural beauty and spiritual diversity, our school is the preferable location for yogis.

India Yoga & Meditation Philosophy


According to some yogic upanishad, one cannot free their atman or soul free without the practice of yoga. Yoga & meditation is a spiritual practice that connects you with your true soul that unite human with the divine. We teach students an in-depth study of the ancient philosophy of yoga & meditation. To understand the true nature if yoga & meditation, it is very necessary to have the knowledge of its philosophies. During the courses at "Guru Yog Peeth", one can get ethereal experience by keeping soul as the cosmic power, worshipping our existence and praising the world in which we live. Yoga and Meditation simply have the power to make us individuals who do not depend on anything.

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    Astonishing View

    Accommodation, we provide is properly sanitised with an aesthetic view and comfy stay.

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    Yoga Alliance USA

    Our School & courses are internationally certified with Yoga Alliance USA.

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    Indian Style Yoga
    Ancient Style

    Traditional style yoga with a glimpse of modern practice is taught by us at our centre.

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    Connected to Soul

    Pure style of Indian meditation techniques with mantra chanting and pranayama.